Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our Man Of The House

He cooks. He cleans. He baby-sits. He listens. He laughs. He stays by my side and supports me – like what a husband should be towards his wife.

And I’m missing him now. Though the boys will keep me busy as ever, his four days of absence due to oversea work commitment does cause a part of me gone missing too.

Not that we’re like love doves of that matter, in fact, we’re married for a good nine years (and counting). Our daily life is more or less of a routine and it’s very rare for us to have dinners or a date alone without the boys tagging along. The Just-The-Two-Of-Us days are more of like a once in a blue moon affair.

This is a choice we made together - for me to stay home and be the primary caregiver to our babies. While he be the sole breadwinner of the family. With no helper/maid, we’ve to be really hands-on to run the household together. The initial few months of my stay home journey, I struggled with our first born while taking care of the household chores. Those were the many bad hair days and thankfully he came to my rescue. To date, he’d take over the cooking over the weekends and putting the boys to bed in the night, while I’m able to have some time off to rest.

But marriage isn’t a bed of roses of course; we had some bumps here and there, countless arguments which strengthen our relationship, a handful of cold wars that made us think and tons of compromising that nurtures our marriage.

Even though there is a differentiation of expectations and standards, one thing is for sure – our commitment for one another and towards our family is a full hundred percent. I see him grow as a husband, a father and a son-in-law, and I’m very appreciative for the things he had done for us, which I know no one else would have done it any better.

He’s my soul-mate, my best friend and he plays an important and irreplaceable role as a father to our sons, which I honestly know that I could do no better than him.

Oh how I miss him so… and the boys miss their Papa too.


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