Friday, November 4, 2011

Feed the Hungry Children

As I'm writing this blog post, my clock shows it’s now 12:13 am in the morning. It’s quiet and peaceful. The boys are sleeping soundly in their bed, all cuddle up and so at rest. But at the same time, a child dies from hunger in every few seconds. How ironic.

Recently, a friend shared this video on Facebook and I was badly affected by what I saw. I was weeping badly. I was very much emotionally disturbed. And, I showed the same video to Dylan. He started frowning when he saw the children lie helplessly on the dusty ground, and he started asking many Whys. I could see that he was puzzled and concern on why the children in the video were in such a bad condition.

We talked about what he saw and understood. How lucky he is to have hot meals served to him day in day out yet he would grumble or pick on his food. How fortunate he is to have clean cloths to wear, tv programs to watch, comfy bed to sleep on and many many more… while there are children out there going hungry, not knowing when is their next meal, or will there be any for them anymore.

I hope he knows and appreciate of what he has and being given. I wish he’ll become more selfless. And I hope he’ll be mindful of how fortunate he is.

On the 31st October 2011, the world population has reached 7 billion. Not something we should be celebrating about really. Out of this huge number, 1 billion people go hungry, which means 14% of our world population starve every single day. Alarming, I know.

This year, 6 million children will die from hunger related causes if we (YES, YOU & ME) don’t do anything about it.

Does this bother you? I do, and I hope you are too.

Some choose to dump millions of dollars to whip up a wedding of a century, some feast on exotic cuisine coupled with nice wine or champagne, some got sick of the variety of food they have and complains how ‘unfortunate’ it is…

With this intention in helping others, a group of fellow moms have come together to raise fund for this nonprofit organization - Children’s Hunger Fund. With US 5 cents, it’s enough to provide a meal to a hungry child.


So I am appealing to you for your participation in this little fund raising activity. All you need to do is this:

1. Crop and paste any of this above information on your blog site, together with this logo (just right click and save image in your hard drive).

2. Appeal for friends and readers on your site to go directly to this page to make direct contributions. All it takes is US $5.00 for 100 meals for the children. Of course, it will be great if you can contribute more. You can also go to this page to make a direct contribution to areas that are most needed; like disaster relief.

3. Organise your own fund raising activity.

There are plenty of ideas that you can adopt to raise the funds;

- Bake sale
- Make and Sell a product
- Give up a birthday gift
- Lose weight by missing a meal and contributing what you might have spent on the meal to the Children's Hunger Fund

4. If you have a preschooler or a child who has learnt to save some money, talk to him/her to see if he can give a little of his money to help to feed hungry children.


So many of us take it for granted that we always have a hot meal ready on our dining table for ourselves and our children and always have something to snack on whenever we are hungry. But the reality is not the same for many children around the world.

With each and every one of us to put aside a dollar everyday, with the accumulated amount in a week alone, lots of hungry children can be fed. And only when the children are fed, then will they have the energy to live, learn and be educated - this in turn equip them with knowledge to lead a better life, to walk out of poverty eventually.

Help us and Children’s Hunger Fund to show a child in some remote corner of our world that he / she is loved. Thank you.

Do drop me a note if you are interested to participate and will be putting this fund raiser activity up on your blog or FB page. My deepest appreciation and thanks in advance for your kind and giving contribution to Children's Hunger Fund!


EK,  November 4, 2011 at 6:22 PM  

This is admirable effort.

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