Friday, January 29, 2010

Broad Feet, Fat Toes

I inherited the family signature from my father’s side – Broad feet, fleshy toes.

It was a rare occasion I painted my toe nails, but since I’ll be attending a wedding dinner and the bottle of nail polish has been sitting in my drawer for the longest time I could remember, why not get them painted. My two young ones reacted to the small change in me – Dylan exclaimed, “Mama, your toes very nice. I like them.” when he spotted them. Devan crawled over to my feet, studied the toes for awhile, reached out, touched them and attempted to scratch the weird-looking thing covering my nails. As for my man – no reaction… he might have not notice my nails afterall.

It wasn’t a pleasant thing to own a pair of wide feet, plus 10 meaty toes to come with the package. I wasn’t too proud to show them off in high-heels either because most of the time they just don’t look good.

Over the years since teenage days, I had learnt to let go of the hope of fitting my feet beautifully in heels. But I do like to see what other girls have on their feet, whenever I came across a nice pair walking along the street, I’ll goes like “Wah, she has such slim feet and the heels looks great on them” “Check out her toes, long and slim, and her nail polish is so pretty” “The flats looks good on her, I bet lots of high-heels suit her too”. It was painful to go into shops after shops, just to find an OK pair of heels for special events. Its either I squeeze into a size 7 and have the drains between the toes exposed, or my feet looks like rice dumpling. And, I’m always rewarded with blisters when in heels. I’m just not fated to have the privilege and obsession most girls do.

Oh well, so be it. *grin*


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