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About This Website – Rachel’s Live journal

Rachel’s Live journal is a website about women’s lifestyle, passions and living a fulfilling life as a WFHM (Work From Home Mum). How one's life can be colorful!

About Me – Rachel Lim

I'm born in Singapore and brought up on this sunny island.

I love beautiful things, not necessary only to those with pretty appearances but also beauty from within. I hold high respect to people with a beautiful and big heart. And I enjoys the process of making pretty stuff.

I’m married to Darren Tan in January 2003 after 6 years of courtship and we have two amazing boys: Dylan (born January 2006) and Devan (born January 2009).

I was in the Chemical Industry for 2 years when I decided to pursue my passion in Interior Design. I worked hard for a scholarship that putted me through my studies at NAFA (Nanyang Academic of Fine Arts).

Things took a turn after my first born arrived and I decided to be his primary caregiver when he reached 1 year old. To be the first to witness his every milestone, to be by his side to nurture and groom him the way I want to. There were many challenges and adjustments along the way, and I overcome each and every one of them with the support of my loving husband and my dear parent.

Life gets even better after I setup my very own webstore - Scrappin' Love. It's truly an enjoyment to work on my passion and at the same time being home with my boys.

So here I am, counting my blessing and enjoying each and every minute of my life.


This website was officially set up in September 2008 merely to journal my motherhood journey. Right now, I wish to share and to give, providing some ideas or stimulus for reflection on what you are doing in your life.


Do leave me a comment to share what you do in your everyday or tips that could benefit others. I would love to hear from you!

You could reach me at rachel[at]rachel-lim[dot]com. I’ll respond to your email. Promise!


One last thing, if you are a mum, give yourself a pat on your back. You are great!

If you are not, I hope this humble place of mine serve you some useful tips for the future. *wink*

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