Friday, July 19, 2013

Goodbye Grandma & Hello to an Older Me

It was 8:15pm, 17th July 2013 Wednesday. My paternal grandma passed on at the age of 84.

This day, she bid farewell to her loved ones and ended her long journey of suffering. I know, she is free now. She was no longer trapped in a failing body. No more pain, no more sleepless nights and days, no more swallowing of pills that had kept she alive, no more being breathless and panting all the time.

I was somehow relieved as I looked at her very still body, tears rolled down my cheeks as I lost the battle in putting up a strong front. She looked peaceful and seems to be in a very deep sleep which she didn't get to enjoy for the longest time in years. She was laying down in her bed - a rare sight indeed, for she couldn't breath well when her upper body was declined any lower than 70 degree. Yes, she had to sit up through the days and nights while trying to catch some sleep.

She had became forgetful too. She would repeatedly asked me the few questions over and over again whenever I paid her a visit. She would ask me in hokkien, "You've two boys right?" "How old are your boys?" "Are you working now?" "Ah Song (my younger brother) have one boy and 1 girl correct?" and I would answer her very patiently again and again and again.

[A candid shot of me & my Grandma. I was about 3 years old then and very busy with the doodling.]

My grandma knew I love long bean and fried fish since I was little, and she would always cook them for me. I would have the whole fish to myself, wrapped it clean and sucked to the bones. She spoiled me rotten.

During our last visit at the hospital due to her bad fall, she was complaining of the pain on her back and legs. I was helpless. But I guessed our company had somehow comforted her in one way or another. And on 16th July Tuesday, the doctor allowed she to return home. To spend her last few days with her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

For the last time (after she had left us), I held her hand and spoke to her in my heart, "Ah Ma, rest well."

We'll miss her...

Today, 19th July 2013 Friday. I turned 36.

From this year onward, my birthday has another significant meaning to it - I'll celebrate my birth, thank my mom (for giving birth to me) and in memorial of my grandma.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plug & Yes to a Cleaner Car

Once in awhile, I’d hear my husband complaint about how dirty his car was and when he planned to have a carwash service to get everything clean and sparkle. Yet we didn't go about getting a vacuum cleaner for our car. There were too many bad reviews we had heard over the years and we were so not going to spend money on something that doesn't perform well.
 [The full set of MiniVac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner FC6141. The storage bag was not in this pic.]

My man had some reservations when I handed this smart-looking black gadget to him. With much anticipation, we tested out our MiniVac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for the first time on a Sunday afternoon. It didn't take him much effort to get the handheld vacuum cleaner running, as everything was well designed and easy to handle.

With the car plug on and more than sufficient cable length, the vacuum cleaner gave us that constant and powerful suction throughout our 5 mins cleaning process. Our 7 years old helped out in the cleaning too and he managed the cleaner very well.

[Plugged and on with the vacuuming.]
[Useful accessories such as the brush head & the hose tube made the cleaning so much easier.]

We tried on all the accessories which aided us in cleaning the interior of our car with ease. The hard-to-reach corners and the far end of the car boot were no longer an issue. And yes, the long hose tube was our favorite as it enabled us to place the vacuum cleaner down while only holding onto the hose tube to reach for those hard-to-reach places.

[Easy dismantle of the vacuum cleaner after each vacuum session.] 
[A close-up of the 2-stage filtration system - a filter bag within another filter bag.] 

Within that 5 mins cleaning of our car, we had a whole lot of dirt and dust collected in our vacuum cleaner. I liked how it came with the 2-stage filtration system, ensured nothing could escape once they got into this little yet powerful black rider.

From now on, we no longer need to wait for our next round of carwash service to get our car floor mats cleaned. Nor do we have to put up with the dirt and dust anymore. We can simply plug and do the cleaning anytime anywhere, without the hassle of charging before hand. Thumbs up on this clever invention!


This Philips MiniVac Handheld Vacuum Cleaner FC6141 will be selling at S$89 (RP S$119) during the GSS promotion period. Available at all leading electronics and departmental stores.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Product attributes mentioned is provided by Philips. Opinions are based on my own personal experience. 


Friday, May 31, 2013

Ironing Made Easier - Power On & Steam Away!

The biggest challenge being a Work-from-home-mom is usually about time allocation for each and every task in the house. Be it on my family, meal preparations, the household chores and my business work load. If there is anyway I could reduce the time spent on the endless chores in the house; I’d be most willing to try. But, no thanks to domestic helper or weekly cleaner please.

The number 1 chore on my I-hate-to-do list - IRONING. And I’m very sure I’m not alone in this!

Having to stand and work my poor arm for an hour just to get those uniforms, shirts and trousers wrinkle-free simply turned me off. Man, that’s a hot and hard work. We even joked and labeled ourselves as the ‘Iron Women’ among a group of girlfriends. Sound quite cool isn’t it? But the actual fact is the complete opposite.

So here I was, over the moon with my Active Touch Garment Steamer GC555! I was very eager to see how this gadget can save me from my agony.

First thing first, as I unboxed to assemble this baby, the packaging was well compact and no Styrofoam used. I like! And it only took us (Dylan helped out too) 5 mins to scan through the simple yet easy to understand illustrations on the operation and product assembly manual and had the steamer up and ready to do the magic.
[All ready to go after adding in the water.]
[The retractable pole can be adjusted to your comfortable height while you steam your garment.]
[The steamer was warming up. Can you see the steam?]
[Working through my way on my husband's shirt. I was getting the hang of it.]

It took me awhile to get the right technique in gliding the steamer head to and fro around the garment. The steam produced was consistent and the suction function within the steamer head was superb. It sucked and stretched the garment with just a button and viola, wrinkles started to disappear faster.

With this steamer coupled with the suction function, no more grouchy me when I deal with lighter fabric such as silk and chiffon. I’m not sure if this happened to you too but I often made more creases and folds with my conventional iron as it would easily ‘catch’ the fabric and pushed the fabric along with it. That was when I would start to get crossed and agitated.
[With just a click, the pleat maker is ready to make some lines.]
[See, it's as easy as ABC.]

Here is another thing I like about my steamer – the pleat maker. With just a simple magnetic catch to the steamer head, the pleat maker clipped the garment nicely and as I glided along the area where I wanted to have pleat, a nice straight line magically appeared. And the best part, I wasn’t using much strength to move the steam header around while I steamed my garment. Hooray, no more tiring arm from now on!

Tip: For optimal performance, hold the hose straight up while waiting for the garment steamer to heat up.  


This Philips Active Touch Garment Steamer GC555 will be going at S$249 (RP S$279) during the GSS period. Available at all leading electronics and departmental stores.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. Product attributes mentioned is provided by Philips. Opinions are based on my own personal experience. 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rachel's Cheshire Cat - Strawberry

It’s not that I’m very free nor am I bored to tears that I’ve to think about what to make in order to occupy myself. As a matter of fact, time doesn’t really like me much ever since I became a mother. It runs away from me at a tremendous speed and the catching up game takes forever and is extremely draining.

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

Anyway, one thing I'm so very sure is that a handful of you out there are in the same boat as I am! I know I’m not alone in this marathon. *wink*

Despite the heavy work load and endless chores to attend to, I always make it a point to set aside some ME time. Be it just a few hours doing some simple handicraft or out and about with my girlfriends. These are the things I do once in awhile to keep myself sane and upbeat. And most importantly I keep myself HAPPY!

Shopping spree and spa session isn’t the thing for me, for I always felt the pinch with the money spent and the ‘feeling happy’ was short-lived. I love scrapbooking, though it isn’t a cheap hobby to have with the over-priced materials that are available locally. And ironically, after I had my online business, scrapbooking is no longer a pure and enjoyable hobby to me anymore. No, don’t get me wrong, I still love scrapbooking very much and would continue for as long as I live. It’s just that I need something else to keep my mind off this business related hobby of mine.

And so I went on to baking, then sewing. There are so many things I want to make. I know deep down in my heart that it’s through crafting do I have the inner peace in me. The smile and satisfaction I had after a project was completed was long-lasting.

This time round (after completed a bag for my Mom on Mother’s Day), I embarked on a totally new craft I had wanted to try on after I saw a booth selling sock dolls at one of the flea market I frequent many months ago. Those sock dolls were adorable and I was just that close to make my purchase back then. Thankfully, the big price tag stopped my urge and partially killed my love to own one.

It was only then during one of those regular library visits we had with our boys that I made a detour to the arts & crafts session, hoping to get some inspiration and perhaps pick a book or two to bring home with me. And I saw it, the book title says ‘ 快乐是自找的 – Stray Sock Sewing.’ I was totally captured by it. Sock dolls! I want (to make)!

[A very therapeutic process of putting Strawberry together.]

I borrowed the book, went Daiso and found a pair of sweet pink fluffy sock (which I wouldn’t wear for sure) and headed home with excitement. Btw, I wasn’t the only person in the house liking this craft book to bits. Devan would flip through the pages happily and grinning widely at those sock dolls. *laugh*

I decided to brush aside my mountain-high of work and dived into making my very first sock doll – a Cheshire Cat. That evening before my hubby went to bed and I was only half done with my cat, I asked if he thinks I was too free to do this handicraft. He amazed me with his reply, “It’s a good way to distress.” Well yes, of course, I’m distressing! Seriously, whenever I decided to procrastinate, I was actually trying to unwind and preventing myself from getting too uptight. And the best part, this new hobby is easy on my pocket too.

[Hello there, I'm Strawberry! I'm very adorable, huggable & always smiley.]
[See, they've dominated Strawberry. *LOL*]

Ta-dah! This is Strawberry – my first sock doll. Dylan named her Strawberry because it’s so pinkish – just like the color of strawberry ice cream. *laugh*

It took me a good 3 hours to complete it and I have to say it looks beautiful! Nevermind those uneven stitches and unproportional legs, who cares anyway, I was so happy to make myself a sock doll! Yay! The big fat grin on its face was simply contagious.

The boys adore Strawberry. And guessed what, our youngest in the family asked me to make him a penguin sock doll. I tried talking him out by proposing to him with a cute elephant instead but he doesn’t buy the idea… so… well… wish me luck! *stress*

PS: I love and totally agreed with what the designer (Daniel) shared in his book –
[When I make socks dolls, the daily pressures seem to fade away. I believe that they can reflect your mood and channel the innocence and fun hidden deep inside, no matter how old you are.]


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Live Like a Child

It was a hot and stuffy Sunday afternoon (Mother's Day). We had our lunch at the outdoor area of an eating place, and I was kind of regretted for choosing the outdoor due to the unpleasant heat. Still, the boys finished up their food without much fuss or complain.

After lunch, we headed out of the mall and into the afternoon sun, partially blinded by the sunlight and made our way to a linkway that lead us to a shop where I need to get some items as a birthday gift. The oldest boy (aka my dear husband) started to get agitated and grumpy from the heat. I was playing cool while keeping an eye on the two young ones who were balancing themselves on the kerb along the linkway.

The Papa wasn't pleased. He was melting and so were we. Yet we chose to deal with the situation differently.

We spent a good 20 mins in the shop and out we went into the heat again. Again the boys got onto the kerb and started their balancing exercise while both hubby and I walked in front  towards the mall where we parked our car. We reached the end of the linkway and the boys were about 5 meters behind, taking their own sweet time in making their way towards us.

[These were taken on another day during one of our family day out in March.]

As we stood there and waited, with a grumpy man beside me, I watched quietly at our two sons, while on the other side of the linkway was a stream of human traffic moving at a fast pace. At that instance, I saw a contrast, between us the adults and the children.

The young ones were giggling and laughing away, obviously enjoying themselves despite the afternoon heat that was acting up on a lot of grown-ups at the linkyway. Many were moving fast, seeking for refuge from the sun or in a hurry to reach their next destination. Brows tight, eyes narrowed and stiff faces.

I stopped my grouchy man from calling out to our boys to hurry up. Instead, we watched them. I did not whip out my smart phone and turn into a paparazzi. It was a pure pleasure to just watch the boys at how they responded differently and easily at a not-so-ideal situation in order to remain happy. The youngest even had a few falls from the kerb but he just laughed it off and continued on.

That’s the spirit and attitude one should have to live better and happier. And of course, the typical power a child owns – the ability to forgive and forget, which many of us have long lost it after we hit puberty.

So, hey you, you the grown-up  will you relax and learn from the little ones? Life is too short and precious to be so uptight, stressed out and being unhappy.

Take a step back, relax your mind. Smile and live your life (like a child). 


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Take a Peek, What’s In My Bag

Many people say that by looking at what a person has in his or her bag, we can roughly know what sort of person he or she is.

[My treasure bag]

Well… here’s what’s in my bag! Ta-dah! I bought this brown little sling bag a year ago at Narita International Airport (Tokyo, Japan) before we flew back home and it is one of my favorite as it goes well with most of my outfit. It’s small, compact and fashionable (I saw lots of Japanese ladies carry this type of bag).

Here’s the list of stuff inside in my bag::
ð       Bag organizer – Hubby bought this for me during one of his recent business trip. I guessed he observed that I always struggled with the digging of stuff within my bag and missing out this and that item whenever I change my bag.
ð       Wallet – Got this many years ago at one of the Robinson sales.
ð       Key pouch – A handmade pouch to store my keys without worrying the scratches they are capable of making.
ð       Hand phone – A must-bring-out item to make me feel secure and connected.
ð       Wet wipe – A must-have after I became a mother.
ð       Tissue & sanitary pouch – I can’t do without this too.
ð       Oil control film – It is so unglam to have my face all shiny and reflective. This works well for me to suck away all those unwanted oil.
ð       Hand sanitizer – it’s a set that comes with a mini bottle where I can just transfer some over and pop it into my bag and refills it whenever it’s finished.
ð       Hand lotion – A sample I received while shopping in a mall one day.
ð       Lip balm – It hurts to have dry and crack lips. Hence I always have this with me.
ð       Lip gloss – A goodies I received from a makeover session. Yet to use it though.
ð       Lipstick #1 – A nude color for that natural look.
ð       Lipstick #2 – A pinkish tone for that sweet look on days I want to look sweeter. Haha.
ð       Compact powder – Another must-have when I leave the house for touch-ups and in need for a mirror.
ð       Sunglasses – A handy item to block that sunlight or to hide my sleepy eyes. Bought this in Japan and it’s my one and only.
ð       Pen – Very useful to have one in the bag as we never know when we need one to note down important information or filling up of lucky draw entry forms.
ð       Hairpin – It is frustrating to deal with fringe that keeps poking my eyes and tickles my face and nose when I’m in the midst of something. So this will save me from cutting my fringe real short.
ð       Perfume strip – A sample a salesgirl passed to me at a booth. I’m not a perfume person but it appeals to me to have a sweet fragrance in my bag.

[All bagged & ready to go!]

That’s quite a bit of stuff I have there in my small bag. And I’m delighted that my hubby got me this bag organizer where I can simply pull it out from this bag and drop it in inside the other one without the worry of missing out any item.

Oh yes, if the size of my bag allows, I'd throw in my foldable umbrella too for the unpredictable weather we have here in Singapore. But for this brown bag, it’s already full house!

So what’s in your bag? Do you have the things similar to what I have?

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My #1 Role Model – My Mom

[Taken in 1980. My Dad, my Mom, my brother & me with a tomboy hairstyle & a doll dress.]

I wasn’t close to my Mom since young until the day I became a Mom myself. And it was not until a heated argument with my Mom when I was heavily pregnant with Devan that I started to talk more and easier to her. Our relationship was kind of tense especially during my teenage days (topping up with those stubbornness and rebelliousness of mine) and with her coping with her menopause. At that time, I had no idea why she was so easily agitated and out to find fault in me. There were minimal communication between us and I was not happy. And I guessed my Mom wasn't feeling any better either.

I was deposited with my paternal grandparents and my parents would only pick me up during the weekends. I would always struggle and protest when they came for me. But thankfully things got better after my Mom decided to become a Stay-At-Home-Mom (SAHM) after my brother came along. And I have to admit that my decision in becoming a SAHM was greatly influenced by her. I love how I would come home after school with piping hot meals waiting for me, how blessed it was to have someone checking on me in the middle of the night making sure I was sleeping well and kept warm, how I hugged my Mom for comfort and busted into tears when she brought me to the doctor to get my sprained ankle fixed and how great it was to have my mother home rather than greeted by an empty house.

My brother and I was the ‘VIPs’ at SGH (Singapore General Hospital) when we were little, we took turns to visit the hospital with our high fevers and my frequent fever fits. I had an eye condition when I was in my Primary school days and had to undergo a surgery to fix it. During all these difficult time, my Mom stayed by our side and nursed us back to health. She brought us to countless visits to the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinic, in hope to boost our immunity. Those sleepless nights, those tiring traveling, those heart wrenching moments she had with us. And those frustrations and hair-pulling sessions she had when she coached me on my school works.

My Mom was always there for me. And she still is. She takes great care of us – making sure we eat well, rest well, doing well with our life, up till today when me and my brother have family of our own.

Raised in a traditional family, I’m very shy in being vocal with my feelings, and am not generous with hugs and kisses too. But my boys help me to send my love message across; their unhesitating display of affection fills the void between my Mom and me. How effortlessly the boys make my Mom grins from ear to ear gives me a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

She devoted her whole life to her family and she continues to embrace and protect us in her very own way. Her unconditioned love and giving makes me wanting to be a better Mom to my boys and a better wife to my dear husband. I’m blessed to have my Mom, if it’s not for her, I won’t be who I am today.

I'm so blessed to have her, and I hope that I do make her proud. 

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baking Hokkaido Chiffon Cake

Just by the name of it already tells me how delicious this cake can be and the best part was I got to learn how to bake them! Woohoo!

[Yummy Hokkaido Chiffon Cake!]

This was the second activity in celebrating Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) turning ONE and again I was quick enough to sign up for the workshop proudly sponsored by Munch Ministry. The ladies behind Munch Ministry - Pauline and Louisa, they were awesome in their cooking and baking skill and made the workshop so fun and enjoyable.

[Louisa demonstrating on the piping.] 

After the live demonstration, we headed back to our station and started to get busy. I paired up with Veraday and she was such a great partner to have. Not to mention that it was our first time meeting each other but somehow we just clicked and worked marvelously together.

[Me looking so serious while whisking the egg yolk & piping the cakes.] 

[Veraday smiling away while mixing the batter. And waiting for our cakes to cool down.]

There are a few golden rules we need to obey in order to achieve the best result of our bake. One of them is to have all the ingredients at room temperature and this is one thing that cannot to compromise.

[Proud bakers!]

After all the weighing, whisking, mixing, scooping, baking and piping, ta-dah! We had a tray full with our freshly baked Hokkaido Chiffon Cake! I couldn’t resist not having one right on the spot and it tasted just so heavenly! It was very fluffy, puffed with lots of cream yet not too sweet to my taste bud.

I have to tell you this, I’m not a pastry person nor do I have a sweet tooth, but this Hokkaido Chiffon Cake totally wins me over. I’m so going to bake more and share with my family and friends.

Oh by the way, I told my boys I’ll be going for a baking class before I went and they grinned with approval. When they saw what I brought home that day, you should see their faces together with their thumbs up!

PS – click HERE for the Hokkaido Chiffon Cake recipe. Have fun baking and eating them!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Twitch Twitch, Please Go Away

Before we became parents, we would wish our child to have who’s pretty eyes, who’s long eyelashes, who’s nose, who’s beautiful lips and daddy’s or mommy’s intelligence… the wish list can go on and on . After being a parent, our number one wish for our children is to own the gift of health.

It’s common to have our children feeling under the weather once in awhile. But it concerned us quite a bit when we noticed that Dylan started to twitch his right eyes since the end of February this year.

We thought he did that for the fun of it or trying to get our attention. We questioned him, accused him even and told him to stop this silly act. He would give us his silly smiles or looked confused when we questioned him on his twitching. I brushed off the thought that it could mean something more than just some harmless twitches although the hubs did suggest going to the doctor.

A week passed, his twitch was still there and it got worse. Initially with only the right eye muscles, his right cheek started to twitch too, pulling the right corner of his lips upward. On a few occasions, the twitches would get more intense and frequent. We started to get worried. Was there something wrong with his nerves or what?

We paid the polyclinic a visit with the intention to get a referral letter to see the specialist. A few basic tests were conducted by the doctor and she commented that Dylan has good control of his facial muscle and limbs (except for the involuntary twitching) – which ruled out the positivity of hiccup in his nervous system. *phew*

During the one month waiting time for our hospital appointment, his right cheek still twitched frequently except when he was asleep.

In the Children’s Medical Clinic consultation room at KKH, the doctor asked us a few questions, namely when the twitch started, how often was the twitching, was there any pain or discomfort, was there any history of the twitching, was there any family history on this, can he control the twitch, which school he studies in, was he feeling stress etc etc before we moved on to do some tests like pressing down on Dylan’s shoulders and asked him to lift them up, wiggled his toes, eyes followed the doctor’s finger, closed his eyes tight, lift his legs up while the doctor pressed them down, walked in a straight line, some more muscle reflex tests and we were done. All seem positive as he responded very well and had good control over his limbs.

The doctor reassured us this was a mild case of what they call “tics” - a sudden, repetitive, nonrhythmic motor movement or vocalization involving discrete muscle groups. This is quite common in children from the age of 6, where some cases tics will disappear over time, while some will persist and become more severe and complex. My heart skipped a beat when I heard of the latter.

We were thankful to have a very patient doctor who answered our every questions and concerns professionally and at the same time has the ability to communicate with Dylan effortlessly. No medication was needed. In the meantime, we’ll have to continue to observe and monitor the frequency and degree of the tics, where the best scenario is that the twitching will go away on its own after six months or so. We were advised not to remind Dylan of the twitching too. At the end of our visit, a review was scheduled in October.


2 weeks had passed since then and to my delight, Dylan’s twitching has decreased quite a bit. We hope this episode is a short-lived one and he’ll not be picked on or teased at for something he did involuntary.

Life isn't perfect and this I truly understood. It is only with the imperfections are we able to see and appreciate the prefect moments and things in life. And this episode had made me realized this even better. I’ll be counting my blessing each day while look at the bright side to cheer everyone on. 


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Documenting Our Moments

There are many ways for one to choose on how she wants to record those memories. And as for me, after these few years in scrapbooking (since 2006) and blogging (since 2008), I came to realize that with the forever rat race I have with Mr Time, blogging had taken a back seat, this blog became very quiet. For I no longer have the luxury to sit in front of my laptop, get myself emotional and start typing away. I'm not a good writer and it is frustrating to spend at least an hour to get a blog post out.

On most days, thoughts and emotions come and go, by the time my hands are free from the boys and chores, my brain isn’t functioning well by then and that thought or emotion I had earlier in the day was long gone and blurred. You’ll see a stoned, lost and irritated woman sitting at her desk staring blankly at her laptop screen. How pathetic.

But, I’m not going to give up blogging, there are just too many fond memories I had recorded for the past years in this humble little cyber space of mine. And it always makes me smile and laugh to read of the past and finding spelling or grammar errors here and there *whoops!*. Well, that’s me – the true me and my family’s journey.

Just to tell you this teeny-weeny fear I have ever since I have my blog, is the possibility of losing everything. Like Ka-boom, all gone, even the back-ups can’t save me. This has been bugging me like an ant chewing on my toe. Okay, enough of this, that’s me and my imagination. I should have more fate in the technology.

On the other hand, I love physical stuff - like an album for me to spend hours flipping through and brings me back to that memory lane. How my life was spent, with who, what happened, how I felt. These are priceless and will be passing down to my boys (I hope). *LOL*

Now with this – the ProjectLife - it simplifies scrapbooking and makes everything so straightforward and easier (for me). All I need is some pocket sleeves (with various divided pocket size and layout), pattern papers as photo backing and journalling cards and a ring album to bind the pocket sleeves together. And of course some embellishments here and there to doll up the pages.

Ta-da, there I've it - an album to store all the photos and journalling which I can jot it down any time in the day. I love photographs, each and every one of them tells a thousand words.

If there’s ever a fire in my house *touchwood*, the next thing I would grab after my wallet and the boys would be those albums before running for our lives. These are our history and memories recorded, and I’ll do everything to preserve them.

Just this morning, while waiting for his lunch to be served, Dylan took out the Project Life album and slowly went through the pages, reading and recalling what took place for the past weeks. I see that my effort in building this keepsake is paying off.

Do you document your moments in life? If it’s a yes, good for you and your family. If you've yet to, start small and enjoy the process.

“it’s not about the perfect shot… it’s about the real moment in life”

… start documenting.

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